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 used clothing USA

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strollers, high chairs, car seats, cribs, play centers, bouncers, walkers and swings

 used clothing USA


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Fundraising Opportunities  

       The program was started in 1999 and has been very popular with New Jersey schools, scout groups, sport clubs and other community organizations. It helps to provide additional financial means to support much needed and highly valued after school activities.

        Schools and churches have been able to raise up to $4,800 depending on the number of students and parents’ response. Right now we have over 1,100 schools and community organizations participating in the program. Last year we had almost 1,400 clothing collections. These numbers grow every year because it’s simple, it’s easy and it works!

The number of participating organizations has been growing and
Fashion Republic extended services
beyond New Jersey. Now we offer the clothing collection program in other states. Raising funds this way is not only simple
and easy but also much safer than door to door fundraising.

We designed a flyer that many of
our organizations have found helpful.
They have either designed a similar flyer
on their own or have copied our flyer to provide the necessary information to the parents.
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 Useful Links
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   -  How to Get References

    How to Get a Flyer     
   -  Most Successful Collections of 2007

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    Our Mission

       For our customers, our mission is to provide good quality used clothing which meets or exceeds their expectations. The company guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction and competitive shipping rates. We assist with preparing shipping documentation.

       For our suppliers (schools and community organizations), our mission is to offer fundraising opportunities by assisting with clothing drives and providing clothing bins. 

       For Ocean County Hunger Relief, local New Jersey charity, our mission is to support their Food Pantries, Bread Program, and other activities, such as Healing Services, and Days of Recollection.

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used clothing