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Fashion Republic Inc. is looking for organizations and businesses to partner with. We have clothing bins available to place at your authorized locations. This a great opportunity for your organization to earn extra money by doing nothing more than providing us with the location to place our clothing bins. We will send our trucks out to collect clothing from the bins on a routine schedule. More frequent pick ups will be scheduled if needed to empty the bins.

Clothing bins do not have to be positioned at your site. Any owner of a local business (parent, friend) can sign a contract with us and all or part of the proceeds (depending on your agreement) will go to your organization.

We will pay you a monthly fee for being able to use your sites. The number of bins we can position at one location depends on the size of the site and the volume of traffic in the area. The amount of money paid to your organization will be multiplied by the number of clothing bins we place at your authorized sites.

  • place 1 bin   and earn $   50.00 / month   ($ 600.00 / per year)
  • place 2 bins and earn $ 100.00 / month ( $ 1200.00 / per year)
  • place 3 bins and earn $ 150.00 / month ( $ 1800.00 / per year)
  • place 4 bins and earn $ 200.00 / month ( $ 2400.00 / per year)

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